Acoustic Guitar CD- born from the blow of a fall.

Have you ever discovered music that brought a smile to your spirit so much that it became like an old friend? 

If you like instrumental acoustic guitar with a joyful and upbeat quality to it, this might become that for you.

To skip the story below and just listen to a sample, the recording is called  . . .                                                   Venture Out 

 True story. It was 1993 when I was painting a house from a walk-board at the second story and it came crashing down- with me on it.

I passed out from the impact, landing on a narrow strip of grass between railroad ties and patio rock.

Some time later on my back
, I regained consciousness and found myself looking up from the backyard ground at a half-dozen emergency personnel standing between my battered body and the mid-summer sky. 

"Don't move him.", one of the medics said,  "He could have internal bleeding or a broken back."  In surprising matter-of-fact tone, I shifted my spine some and said, "No, my back is alright, and thw blood on my lip is just from biting it when I fell."

They looked at each other in paused silence.

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Just then I glanced toward my throbbing left hand. Three of my first fingers that formerly could play guitar well and paint houses for a living, were pushed backwards and things looked strangely out of shape.

"It doesn't look like my hand is doing so well though", I muttered with a quiet voice. They attempted to wrap the damage, but I yelled at the pain of it, and one loosened the coil so as not have any pressure on the disfigured mess.

The next thing I remember,
I was in a hospital half out-of-it with pain medication and a doctor pulling my strayed fingers back In place. "Back In Place" would later become the final lively track of Venture Out, a mostly instrumental acoustic guitar music CD that came out of a creative, determined desire to record the music in me which came so close to being lost.

This acoustic guitar CD would be recorded as a personal triumph, and for those who love the sounds of guitar strings dancing against wood.         ( Click this link if you'd like to listen- Tim Hillwood CD )

There's more to tell  . . .like the doctor's unsure answer when I asked him if I would be able to play guitar again, or the long year and a half of relentless practice. It started with near-motionless fingers that could barely wrap themselves around the most basic guitar chords, to breaking limits of previous mastery before this ever happened.

Compositions that I didn't know existed were brought to life from going through that fire. My left hand would have to learn to play guitar all over again even though my heart and mind knew the way. Think of guitar classes, but with half a dozen thick rubber bands wrapped around your fingers as you practice. It was something like that.

About Venture Out

Eventually I started the process of recording at a St. Louis studio which took another year. Once finished, I knew it was something I could not have produced before. The CD began to spread by word of mouth but was limited mostly to those who heard me perform somewhere. It would be years later and the prodding of friends before those limitations would also fall away. 

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Fast-forward with me to 2010, when this CD was finally released on CDBaby.  I invite you to listen for yourself. 

All the pieces are my own compositions, though it may be more true to say they came through me.

Regarding at least a few tracks tracks like Venture Out, As Far As the Eye Can See, and one section of Painter of Notes, many listeners thought it might be two guitars playing when in fact it is one. (There is a duet though with 'Dance At Dawn') Other selections add drums, bass, keyboard, and even a violin on "When Rain Falls". You'll find a vocal piece as well).

 Speaking of people's comments, the amount and generosity has been more than I would have imagined. I've had some say  they replay it over and over again because of the easy and bright "space" it creates for them. Others told me it became their favorite acoustic guitar music.

I don't know if it will be like that for you.

But it might.

If this lifts your day, adds joy to your spirit, or inspires you in some way, it was more than worthwhile. If you like Venture Out enough to purchase it, a piece of me goes with you. May the music put a smile on your soul, and remind you to never let a setback become a destination.  

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    Thank you for checking out this acoustic guitar CD. The best to you from Tim Hillwood.   

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